You have arrived.

Welcome to my world. I don’t know how you came across my blog. But you are most welcome.

I’m a young man from the magical lands of Maryland, in the United States. I am currently traveling the world, and I decided that writing down my ideas and thoughts might be a good idea.

You will find that this blog has no theme. I write about whatever I’m thinking about. I enjoy writing, it helps me clear my mind. And perhaps that isn’t a surprise, seeing that the one living person that inspires me the most is JK Rowling.


JK Rowling is a hero of mine, and her Wizarding world is my home.

Besides the magic of her books however, I am also very much into sports and politics.

I have OCD and I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, topics dear to my heart.

Politically I’m very left-wing minded. I think the Democratic Party isn’t progressive enough, and I absolutely love Jeremy Corbyn, another one of my heroes.



I’m a citizen of the world, and borders and race mean nothing to me. I like to travel and meet people. I love being around people. I am very opinionated, but I respect the diversity of thoughts and opinions that makes us a special species.

I think the human race can do better. We can help make this planet truly an amazing place, we have the technology and resources to make sure that not one person goes to bed hungry. That the species we share this planet with are respected and appreciated. But instead all our resources are wasted, and we are driving hundreds of species towards extinction. We can be so much better, but we choose not to be.

The name of this blog, retrieverisk, is actually paying tribute to two places that are very dear to my heart.

The “Retriever” is the nickname of my alma mater, UMBC. When I was a kid, I wasn’t sure I could ever go to university, and I am very proud of the fact that I graduated from UMBC. That campus will always be special in my heart.

“Isk” is short for “Iskindiria,” which is Arabic for “Alexandria.” My family comes from the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, and the “ISK” in my name is a reference to my ancestors.

I hope you guys enjoy reading the contents of this blog. Once again, welcome aboard.