I Am Peter Parker

This is going to be a very short post.

We are now days away from Marvel’s new Spider-Man movie, and I thought I would take this time to pay tribute to the superhero that got me into the genre. The first one I ever loved, and the one that I could relate to the most.

I got into Spider-Man when I was a kid in middle school. Tobey Maguire’s original Spider-Man was the first time I ever watched a superhero movie, and felt that I could totally relate. Peter Parker was the goofy, awkward, kid. Couldn’t talk to MJ, got bullied at school and at the bus stop, he wasn’t some Bruce Wayne type. He wasn’t cool and smooth. Sexy and wealthy. He wasn’t Clark Kent, some alien god. He was an awkward, young kid from New York, with no parents and little money. Scared and alone. I loved it. It’s the personality and character of Peter Parker that makes Spider-Man so special. He is the average teenage boy. He has the same worries, he goes through all the crap we all go through.

The 2002 Spider-Man movie got me into the genre. Over the years I’ve become obsessed with the characters of Stan Lee and Marvel. From Black Panther, an African superhero for us African fans, to Captain America. The epitome of good, Captain America was special because of his dedication to doing what was just. His superpowers  are not what make him special, they are what his tools to defend justice. And Bucky.

But despite all these amazing characters, nothing compares to your first love. And Peter Parker was my first love. Spider-Man 1, 2, AND 3. Yeah, I liked Spider-Man 3. What about it. And I’m so excited to see what Tom Holland has in store for us. By all accounts, he seems like a great guy, and his performance in Civil War was near perfection.

So as I eagerly await Marvel’s new Spider-Man, I just want to thank Tobey Maguire. Thank you for being the hero we all have inside of us. Thank you for proving that it’s not your money that makes you a hero. You don’t have to be a god from another realm. Much like Captain America, what makes Spider-Man special is what came before their powers. Their stories are easy to relate to. Even after all these years, the fanboy inside me screams with excitement and roars in anticipation of the new adaptation of the little-man hero. Because I, along with all the other awkward young men out there, will proudly go watch the superhero the represents us. Because we are Peter Parker.


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